Can I make a website with Notion?
Of course! You can create your site in Notion, then customize and publish it for free with Popsy.
Where can I see Notion website examples?
You can see what others are building on our homepage:
Do I need to know how to code?
Not at all. Popsy is a no-code tool that lets you build, upgrade and maintain your website without a single line of code. This way you can build your Notion website faster and more effectively.
Is Popsy good for SEO?
Yes. Popsy offers fast performance and great SEO out of the box. All pages have pretty URLs by default and you can edit them if you like. You can also customize meta titles and descriptions, as well as information that shows when your page is shared on social media.
Where can I find tutorials, tricks, and tips on how to use Popsy?
You can find all the information you need in Guides.
Do I need to have my own domain in order to use Popsy?
No. If you own a custom domain, you can use it free of charge. If not, we also offer hosting on domains completely for free.
Can I change the email of the account at some point, or do I need to stick to the one that I signed up with?
Popsy uses Google Sign-In. Changing account email is not possible for now, but you can always sign up with another Google account.
Can I use 3rd party integrations with Popsy?
Yes, you can use all 3rd party integrations that are compatible with Notion. Popsy also offers a way to add custom code to your website so you can use any 3rd party plugin you want.
What if I have other questions?
Email us at and we’ll do our best to help! 😊


Is Popsy free?
Popsy subscription is 8 USD/month per site. You can start with a 7 days free trial. You will need to pay when you are ready to publish. No credit card needed to start. For 8 USD/month you will have full access to our editor, be able to add support for Google Analytics, custom code, and publish your site under your own domain or popsy site domain, if you don’t own one. Your site will be lightning fast, you will manage your SEO data and be able to choose among free templates and themes. See our pricing page here 👉
How many Notion websites can I publish under my subscription?
For each published site you pay 8 USD/month.
Can I cancel my subscription anytime?
Yes. Popsy is a monthly based subscription, so you can cancel it anytime. Your subscription will remain active until the end of the current period. When your subscription is canceled, your page will be unpublished.

Free resources

Where can I find free Notion illustrations?
Our in-house illustrator Toni created some beautiful Notion-style illustrations that you can get here:
Where can I find free Notion icons?
A pack of free Notion icons awaits you here:
Where can I find Notion website templates?
You are welcome to download the free Notion website templates that we created for you. Just navigate to and pick the one you like the most!
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