How to connect a GoDaddy domain to Popsy

The process to set up a custom domain from GoDaddy is short and simple.

Step 1:

Create your site on Popsy and click the Publish button on top.

Step 2:

Enter the domain that you bought on GoDaddy and click Next.

Step 3:

Choose GoDaddy from the list of domain providers and click Next.

Step 4:

You will see a list of 2 records on the right.* These are so-called DNS records that you will add to your domain on GoDaddy in the next steps.

*If you are using a subdomain (like: then you will only see 1 record.

Step 5:

Open a new tab in your browser and go to GoDaddy. Log in to your account and open the My Products page from the dropdown in the top right corner.

Step 6:

Scroll down to where you see a list of all the domains you own.

Step 7:

Click the DNS button next to the domain you want to use.

Step 8:

A list of all DNS records for this domain will show. First, you should delete any preexisting records with the name of @ or www. These are the records we will be replacing. If your list doesn't include any @ or www records you can skip this step.

Click the edit icon on the right side of the @ record. Then click the trash icon on the right and confirm the deletion. Do the same for the record with the name www.

Step 9:

You are now ready to add DNS records from Popsy.

Click Add on the right side.

Step 10:

Go back to Popsy and copy the value from the 1st record.

Step 11:

Go to GoDaddy and choose option A under Type and type in @ under Host. Paste the value you copied from Popsy under Points to. Click Save. The first record is now set up.

Step 12:

You have to do the same for the 2nd record.*

On GoDaddy click Add again. Choose option A under Type, and type in www under Host. Copy the value under 2nd record on Popsy and paste it under Points to.

*If you are using a subdomain (like: then you only need to set 1 record.

Step 13:

Click Save on GoDaddy, go back to Popsy, and click Publish.

You are done! 🙏

The publishing process usually takes a few minutes, but in some cases, it can take up to 24 hours.

This tool can be used to check if the records are set up correctly:

If you encounter any issues contact us at