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How to buy a domain

Buying a domain is super easy and usually costs less than $10/year.
There are 3 main sites that sell domains:
  • GoDaddy
  • Namecheap
  • Google Domains
We recommend you use Namecheap as it's the easiest to use and offers great prices. We're not affiliated or anything, this comes from experience. GoDaddy is the biggest, but clumsy to use, and Google Domains has higher prices on average.

How to buy a domain

  1. Go to namecheap.com
  1. Search for a domain name you would like to use. Namecheap will tell you if it's still available or not.
  1. Most of the domain names that are still available cost less than $10/year. If the domain name you searched for has a PREMIUM badge next to it, that means it's already owned by someone else. To buy domains like that usually costs thousands of dollars. Better find something that's still free.
  1. When you find the domain you like, just add it to cart and proceed to checkout.
  1. You'll be offered optional add-ons to your purchase. You don't need any of that. Just finish the checkout and that's it!

How to find good domains that are still free

You'll notice that most of the nice .com domains are already taken. Instead of paying thousands of dollars for a .com you can try some of the other top level domains. Here are some of the popular alternatives for different types of businesses:
  • For a personal site or portfolio:
    • .me
    • .design
    • .studio
    • .site
    • .website
    • .ninja
    • .guru
    • .rocks
    • space
  • For a video or podcast site:
    • .tv
    • .fm
    • .show
    • .live
    • .today
    • .report
  • For a blog:
    • .blog
    • .club
    • .report
  • For when you have something to sell:
    • .shop
    • .store
    • .club
  • For an app/software business:
    • .app
    • .co
    • .io
    • club
    • .ai
    • .xyz
    • .tech
  • Then there are top level domains for specific fields like:
    • .edu
    • .health
    • .money
    • .live
    • .today
    • .report
  • Or when you're making a website just for fun:
    • .fun
    • .cool
    • .monster
    • .wtf