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How to create a website in Notion for free

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Popsy is a website builder which lets you turn Notion pages into beautiful websites for free. You can customize themes, fonts, colors, logo, background, content width, galleries, add a navigation bar, make buttons, callout cards, images, etc. All without code. Popsy also takes care of all the technical aspects so you don't have to. Automatic sync with Notion, excellent SEO, lightning fast sites, responsive design, and pretty URLs. Everything you need for a functional website.
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Getting started: Build your website in Notion with Popsy

You can start building from scratch directly in Notion or use one of our free templates to kickstart your Notion website. There are many free templates of different categories, like personal, portfolio, freelance, ecommerce, blog, link in bio, event, agency, and more.
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Simply duplicate any template to your Notion workspace by clicking the ‘Get this template’ button and edit the content as you like. Check out the entire collection at https://popsy.co/templates.
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When you’re done editing content in Notion, it’s time to create your site with Popsy. Don’t worry if not everything is as it should be yet because Popsy syncs with Notion automatically so you’ll be able to always make instant changes to your website. It’s like walking in the park!
Import your page to Popsy by clicking ‘Share’ in Notion (top right corner), then enable ‘Share to web’ and copy your Notion page link. You will paste this link into Popsy and create your site.
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If you’ve duplicated any of the templates it’s important you paste the Notion page link through that page because each template has its own predefined theme and won’t be applied unless the link is used exactly in that box. In this tutorial we’re using the ‘Sigmund’ blog template, so we’ll paste the Notion page link into the box found at the bottom of the Sigmund template page and click ‘Create site’. This will import your Notion page into Popsy where you are able to customize everything.
You can also always change the theme in the editor after you create your site.
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You then sign up with your Google account, give the site a name (which can always be changed later) and choose the type of the site. Browse through the tips which showcase some of our cool features. We also have an extensive collection of guides and tutorials to help you build a Notion website with Popsy, so take a look if you’re interested in learning more.
If you’re a free user you are able to change themes, make a navigation bar and buttons, optimize SEO and social settings and even publish your site for free (‘Made with Popsy’ badge included), but without any kind of advanced customization which really makes the difference.
By upgrading to Popsy Pro for just $8/month you can also customize themes, fonts, colors, background, logo, content width, navigation bar, buttons, social links, galleries, callout cards, and more. Popsy also lets you track your site traffic with Google Analytics and use custom code, as well as publish your site without Popsy branding. The Pro plan is for unlimited websites. You can take a look at our pricing.
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If you want to upgrade to Pro for extended customization and other features like analytics and custom code, you’ll be redirected to Stripe for payment. There are no hidden fees.
$8/month is all you pay for everything.
Once you’re happy with how your site looks, simply publish it to either Popsy or your own custom domain for free and your site should be live in less than 5 minutes. It’s that simple!
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And that’s it. Your new Notion website is now powered by Popsy. Thanks for reading!
We’ll be also more than happy to share your Notion websites built with Popsy on Twitter to over 2000 followers - just tag @PopsyHQ! See you there 🤗
Additional questions? Reach out to us through email.
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