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How to use free Notion website templates

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In order to spare you some time, we created templates of different categories that are free to use to kickstart your website. All you need to do is go to https://popsy.co/templates. Here you will find we are building one of the biggest collections of Notion website templates. You simply open the template you like and click the ‘Get this template’ button. You can also search by template categories.
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The template will open up in a separate window and you have to click on ‘Duplicate’ to duplicate it to your Notion workspace. From here on you can customize content and delete unnecessary parts. You can add your own blocks, but don’t forget to toggle the ‘Share to web’ button on once you are done. This makes your Notion page public and Popsy will be able to turn it into a website.
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With this link navigate back to Popsy and paste it into the box, then create your site. You will have to enter some basic information about your site and be able to watch some cool short tutorials about features for your Notion website. Now that your page is imported to Popsy, you get to choose the theme. You can leave it to default as seen on our template page, or go a bit more romantic style! 😍
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You are ready to publish your site. But wait a second! By upgrading to Popsy Pro for just $8/month you can also customize themes, fonts, colors, logo, background, content width, galleries, navigation bar, buttons, images, callout cards, and more. Pro is for unlimited websites. Check out the pricing page.
Thanks for reading this tutorial. Have a lot of fun exploring! 😊
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