How to create a website with no code in Popsy

Popsy is a no-code website builder that works like Notion. Just start typing and create professional websites in seconds. Popsy has everything you need for a functional website.

Notion-like editor, customize fonts & colors, alignment, custom backgrounds, add a navigation bar, buttons & icons, and publish to a custom domain. Popsy also takes care of all the technical aspects so you don't have to. Excellent SEO, lightning fast sites, responsive design, pretty URLs, and free Popsy domains. No code needed.

Choose a starting point

You can start building from scratch (blank page) or use one of our free website templates.

Then simply select the one you'd like to use and it will bring you directly into the editor.

You can also see a demo page for every site, so you can check how it looks when it is published.

Example: Felix demo page

Notion-like editor

You can now just start typing on the canvas, edit content and customize the look of your site. Just like you would in Notion (type ‘/’ to access commands). Popsy works like a text editor or a doc - the simplest way to build a website.


Popsy lets you customize your website by sections. Just click on the canvas and a section will open up. You can then set alignment, add a background image, and change colors for every single element (title, text, buttons…).

Hint: Use cmd+enter shortcut to create a new section or use a ‘/’ drop-down menu.


In the customize menu, you're able to set content width, change font, weight and size of titles, headings, and text, apply color palettes, customize buttons, and change image corner radius. You can style everything.


Popsy has simple pricing - everything is included in one plan.

Once you're happy with how your site looks, it's time to publish it - ‘Publish’ in the upper left corner.

With Popsy, you can use a free domain or your own custom domain if you have it.

And that's it. After you publish to a domain, your website should be live within 5 minutes. Enjoy! 🤗

Got more questions? You can reach out through the email.