How to create a website in Notion with no code

Popsy lets you turn Notion pages into beautiful websites. You can customize themes, fonts, colors, logo, background, content width, galleries, add a navigation bar, make buttons, callout cards, images, etc. All without code. Popsy also takes care of all the technical aspects so you don't have to. Automatic sync with Notion, excellent SEO, lightning fast sites, responsive design, and pretty URLs. Everything you need for a functional website.

You can simply start building your website, edit content and manage it, all in Notion.

When you’re done editing in Notion, it’s time to create your site with Popsy. Don’t worry if not everything is as it should be - Popsy syncs with Notion automatically so you’ll be able to always make instant changes to your website.

Import your page to Popsy by clicking Share in Notion (top right corner), then enable Share to web and copy your Notion page link. Go to Popsy, Create new site and choose Notion website, then paste the Notion page link.

When you have your page in Popsy, you're able to customize everything. Absolutely no code needed.

And once you're happy with how your site looks (you can always make changes later on too), it's time to publish it. You can use a free Popsy domain ( or your own custom one. Your website should be live in less than 5 minutes.

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