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Where to find free Notion illustrations

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Illustrations can be a great feature for your Notion website and you can use them in so many ways. With Popsy you can use illustrations as images, add them as favicons or site logos, and more.
For example like this:
notion image
So where to find completely free Notion illustrations? We’re building the biggest collection at Popsy and it takes less than 1 minute to download them all. Then you can use them as you like.
First, open popsy.co/illustrations where you’ll see two options: you can buy a full collection of more than 100 custom illustrations for just $19, or download a free sample. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to get them for free, as our aim is to give users a lot of free resources for their websites. So simply click ‘Download free sample’ and you’ll be redirected to Gumroad.
notion image
On Gumroad just put $0 in the empty field and confirm by clicking the ‘I want this!’ button. Your illustrations will be downloaded instantly. You can always access them through a confirmation email or by going back to Gumroad. The illustrations are yours. We would also appreciate a good rating! 😊
notion image
If you want more free illustrations, you can follow us on Twitter where we’re sharing new illustrations every couple of days for free. Example:
notion image
That’s it. Thanks for reading this tutorial. Enjoy your new illustrations!
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